Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring Break - part 2

Friday was a very relaxing day at Grandpa and Grandmas 
spending lots of time with cousins.

trying to frost cupcakes - harder than it looks

We were supposed to have the spring birthday party on Friday night,
but an ice storm came so we had to postpone it :(

Saturday morning, Avery had a monumental happening -
she "hid" her white blankie and purposefully left it at Grandma's house
since she is 4 and she doesn't need it anymore!

She decided to put it in the hassock.


Uncle Curt sheared his sheep again while we were there

checking out the icicles on the fence 

We had the birthday party for Saturday lunchtime instead. . . eating pizza. 

Present time!

kite from G and G VG

Weston's early b-day present from us

Jaelyn's b-day present from us

Gavin's early b-day present from us

Camryn's early b-day present from us

from Josh & Jessica 

from Josh & Jessica 

from the Wynias 

mystery boxes from Uncle Curt

with a $5 bill

$5 bill, thanks!

pinata time (Aubrey's turn)

Avery's turn at the pinata 

grabbing all the candy!

dance routines to end the party 

So sleepy on the way home!

They got to watch Moana on the way home! 

And Avery got a big 4-year-old carseat! 

Although it did not feel like spring weather at all, we always enjoy time with family! 

Spring Break - part 1

For our spring break this year, we left Steve at home, since he had school
and the girls traveled up to NW Iowa by ourselves!
We went up on Wednesday morning and came home Saturday night. 

Here we go!

 We had to stop at Target to pick up this CD-
it made the trip very enjoyable!

Opening up their present from Grandpa and Grandma.

They got a trip to BUILD-a-BEAR! 

having fun with cousin Dakota 

Thursday we headed to Build-a-Bear in Sioux Falls.
So excited! 


stuffing her bunny

Avery's turn to stuff her kitty

getting her kitty dressed 

dressing hers

Aubrey and "Rubey" - see that play on letters? ;)

Avery and "Goodnight Kitty Sparkles"

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa VG!

Red Robin for lunch

lots of time coloring 

On Thursday evening, all the Van Grouws met at the All Seasons Center
in Sioux Center to go swimming!
Everyone had a blast!


typical Ave

All the cousins! 

lots of fun on the lily pads

Aubrey's FIRST TIME off a diving board

She did GREAT and went off about 5 times!

cheering on the diving boarders 

taking a towel break

Aubrey's FIRST TIME down a body slide - so fun!!