Monday, October 16, 2017

Living with God

After a very young boy, only 1, from our community went to be with Jesus last week, supper time talk tonight was about going to live with God. 

Our conversation with the girls was candid and had me in tears as we disussed heaven and living with God. Both girls said they were scared to go live with God because they would miss us. We talked about how thats why we need to learn about God and love God so that we can all go live with God together and no one would be sad!! Wow, deep supper time convo, huh?  (These are the moments!!!)

After we put the girls to bed....

Avery...Gets out of bed with tears and pouting...Mom, I would be really sad if there isn't white blankie or Lizzie (stuffed animal) when I go to God. (Tears)

Mom...oh sweetie, there will be something way better than those things there, and you won't even be sad! (Hug and tears) a really nice teddy or shopkins toy?! Or a my little pony?

Mom...Yes sweet girl! Way better than you can imagine.

(More tears...heaven is what we long for, but our sinful nature says not yet. As said so eloquently by this young boys relative...when it's time for God to call you home there is not a thing we can do to stop His plan! (More tears))

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Family Bowling

The rainy day caused us time to make plans indoors
with cousins and the Kaisand clan.
This was the FIRST time that Avery went bowling
and Aubrey had only gone one other time last year at a birthday party!

the girls riding with K on the way to Pella for bowling

 Avery gives bowling 2 thumbs up!

Avery tried this method...

the kids lane had bumpers on

...and she also tried in this way.

Aubrey did surprisingly well and rarely hit the bumpers.


Avery liked the fan on her hair!

Silly girl!

YAY, Aubrey won!

The adult scores...
Sara - 96
Mom - 69
Andrea - 63?
Dad - 78

Avery - 77
Aubrey - 101
Kailey - 72
Noah - 82

Avery at first didn't want the shoes and then she wanted a picture
of them so she could remember them because she liked them so well!

We all then headed to Pizza Ranch for supper
to celebrate K's birthday!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Uncle Bill's Farm

Since everyone was off of school for the afternoon
due to Parent-Teacher Conferences
we decided to make it a family day to
Uncle Bill's Farm in Grinnell.
Jen took the girls last year and it was FREEZING
and we thought it wasn't going to be too bad today,
problem was it was warmer and sunny in Osky
than it was in Grinnell and we were a tad chilly!

all smiles when the pets aren't real

checking out the bees 

checking out the chicks

doing the small hay bale maze 

getting on the hay rack ride 

getting ready to try the corn maze 

we ended up getting a little lost and cut through
to make our way out 

the jumping pillow is always so fun

the corn pool 

checking out the peacock

going back on the hay rack ride to pick our pumpkins

This was the first time the girls remember picking out pumpkins
in a real patch!
Aubrey found a great one! 

great find, Avery! 

feeding the goats 

washing off our pumpkins