Monday, July 16, 2018

Minneapolis - Day 4

The girls always enjoy bunk beds when we go to a hotel.
We packed up in the morning and swam for a few more hours!

Steve was brave and tried the Wave Runner 

The girls were excited for him - he did great! 

And we're about done

After showing and eating a picnic lunch in the grass outside of the hotel
we went back to the Mall of America to spend their alloted money that was left.

Build-A-Bear was hosing a promotion to pay your age to get a bear and it was 
"so successful that it failed" - but we benefited three days later and we each
got $15 off a bear and we had a few other coupons, so it was worth our time
to go back on Sunday, so we did!

Avery chose a pink Shopkin bear and called her "SHOPKIN DONUT"

Aubrey got a blue/silver bear and called her "JOY"

Aubrey also still had some $$ left to spend, so we went back to the LEGO store
where she picked out a MOANA LEGO set - she was thrilled! 

finishing our day out with Cold Stone 

an end to a busy 4 days and the road home was tiring 

BUT, when we got home at 9:00, Avery still had time to read 
a bedtime story to all her new friends! 

Minneapolis - Day 3

Grandpa and Grandma VG joined us in our room that could sleep 6
and we enjoyed a brought-along breakfast again together. 

We spent the morning doing some of the daily activities
together at the lodge. 

Wynia and Kaisand cousins with their wolf craft

It was fun to have some of us stay together! 

At 11:00 we drove over across the street to the Mall of America
 and hopped on the Blue Line metro train to take us to downtown Minneapolis
for the baseball game at Target Field!
It was their first time on a REAL train! 

Waiting at Target Field to get tickets 

We made it to the Twins vs. Rays game!
(hoping to see cousin Matt pitch!)

We got seats in the family section IN THE SHADE!
Thank goodness since it was 90 degrees and HOT!

Matt got Grandpa and Grandma tickets behind home plate
and after the 4th inning, the usher allowed all of us to go down, too!
It was closer, but we didn't have the breeze and it was quite warm.

We surprised Grandma with a belated 60th birthday announcement
that we paid to have put up on the BIG SCREEN!
It rolled once during the 5th inning and once during the 6th!

We met Matt's wife, Jill, at the game and she joined us for awhile. 

The game was four hours long and we didn't get to see Matt pitch
BUT, we did wait for him after the game to say HI!

We rode the train back and made reservations for all 15 of us
for supper at TGIFridays. (Josh, Jesscia, and Weston came too!)

We ended the evening going to bed since we were whooped! 

Minneapolis - Day 2

Day 2 in Minneapolis!

After a not-so-great night of sleep,
we had a little breakfast that we packed in our room. 

Before the pool opened we did a little "Wolfercise" in the lodge. 

We visited the gift shop and Avery decided to spend some more 
of her money on this little guy :)

Another activity for the girls in the lodge - read a book and do a craft. 

Their craft was to making a paper folded wolf. 

Back to the water-park right when it opened in the morning! 

Mom needed a little Dunkin Donuts iced coffee to get going. 

Aubrey trying out the lily pads. 

enjoying the lazy river 

Aubrey LOVES going down all the tube slides - even by herself. 

Dad took the girls on the big family tube slide - very fast and kind of scary!
Avery said again, "This ride was very dizzy! I don't like it!"

After swimming, we came up to the room and grabbed a quick bite
of lunch that we packed. 

After lunch we headed to Eden Prairie to meet a college friend
at Round Lake!
They had a splash pad that was really nice! 

Aubrey's first time in a "REAL" lake - a little timid with all that green stuff in there!

It was a little cloudy at first, so a lot of playing in the sand was in order. 

The sun came out and the girls enjoyed the water in their tubes! 

That night the Wynia family and Grandpa and Grandma VG joined us at the Great Wolf Lodge
so we spent the rest of the night swimming together!