Sunday, August 20, 2017

Iowa State Fair 2017

Another Iowa State Fair is in the books!
Aubrey and Dad stayed from Friday night through Sunday afternoon
while Mom and Avery stayed just for a long day on Saturday! 

Aubrey took this pic of Andrea
showing the bull on Friday. 

Aubrey helping blow the calves

Show Day - all clad in blue watching the kids color! 

The girls sat nice during the show with their sticker and activity books.

Avery was brave enough to comb "Journey" without holding a hand! 

After the show on Saturday, we were able to walk around together -
watching these flippers on trampolines! 

They were pretty fun to watch! 

We saw a Dordt College booth at the Varied Industries Building -
passed out fidget spinners to the alumni :)

Little Hands on the Farm 

A bomb pop at the end was their choice! 

We went back to the camper for a nap and changed into swimsuits for the fountain!
Avery changed but never made it into the water - still too sleepy :(

Aubrey enjoyed the water for a little while! 

She was a crab for awhile...

Grandpa giving Aubrey some tips :)

 Grandpa and Noah, Dad and Avery (Aubrey still at the top)

Avery was NOT happy she had to ride with Dad

Aubrey finally made it down with Avery's second shoe! HA! 

Avery snapped out of her crabby funk when it was time for rides!

She chose these bumper boat - 
it was too funny, she kept spinning in circles and she just smiled away! 

Avery's first "roller coaster" - she was SO EXCITED! 

The "Dragon Wagon" - they loved it! 

Girls in the front row and can't stop smiling! 

Aubrey chose to go on the trampoline jumpers! 

Getting ready to jump and feeling nervous :)

She was a little scared, but had fun! 

When you're tired of walking after a LONG day, you lay on the ground! 

Aubrey's turn to take a picture of "Journey."

Playground with Dad on Sunday! 

One extra time for "Little Hands on the Farm" for Aubrey!