Saturday, December 9, 2017

Mahaska Drug Christmas

Our nice little Mahaska Drug store
had some fun free Christmas activities going on this afternoon,
so we stopped on by and weren't disappointed!

Avery thought it would be fun to wear their Christmas dresses,
so I let them IF they took pictures in front of the tree for me!


They were giving away free ice cream, too!

Santa asked her if she wanted her two front teeth :)

Avery didn't want to do Santa last year, but this year she was all smiles.
She told him she didn't know what she wanted for Christmas. 

BIG SMILES for Poppy and Olaf.

They also had a little craft table where you could do an ornament
while waiting for their pictures to develop.

Aubrey colored this for their coloring contest.
She's convinced she'll win...we will see!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Merry Little Downtown Christmas

Our town does a fantastic job celebrating Christmas with the annual
Lighted Christmas parade and new this year, the
"Merry Little Downtown Christmas!"
The weather was so nice for a parade and carriage ride! 

the Courthouse

Grandma Char got to come with us to the parade on Thursday.

our church's float

our school's bus loaded with kids :)

This was DECEMBER 2 weather - WHAT?! 

Saturday night was more fun on the Square
with Santa, characters, elves and carriage rides! 

We waited in line for an hour and a half for the ride!
The girls entertained themselves by running around
and laying on benches. 

The wait is finally over!
(for about 5 minutes of riding around the square!)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving Break

It had been almost 10 years since we were home by the Van Grouw family
for Thanksgiving, since Steve has always coached Varsity basketball,
so this year was something different!
The weather was fantastic, everyone was healthy
and we had a great time!

beautiful sunset heading west Wednesday evening

supper in the van to get there faster

Happy Thanksgiving!

now their true personalities show :)

hanging out with cousins at the 
Post Thanksgiving supper in Sibley

lots of crafts and drawing, dolls, and games to keep them entertained

the "kid table" with Jen, Ash and cousin Missy

the "adult" table

Curt playing games with the littles

Aubrey attempting to play pool

Me and mom woke up early and left our house at 5 a.m.
to try our hand at Black Friday shopping!

our 2nd breakfast at 9:30 at Hardees

We were surprised how not busy it was in the early morning!
Rock star parking even!
(it did get busier later morning/early afternoon)

gorgeous weather!

We had the truck and the back seat filled with purchases.

Aubrey wanted to help Grandpa with chores.

relaxing with Grandma

this naughty girl went to hide upstairs under the bed to suck her thumb

Lighted Christmas parade in downtown Sioux Falls.

Every so often they would have a float with one of these on the end -
it was the basket to a hot air balloon. They would shoot the fire
to warm the crowd - quite something to see and feel the heat!

Avery was spoiled and got held by Grandpa. 

Christmas tree made out of wheel chairs - the group that Grandpa
went to Guatemala with. 

Aubrey enjoyed cousin time with Dakota. 

the girls and Weston sweeping in the feed in the free stall barn 

playing hide and seek in the round bales 

Avery got to be SO BRAVE and was carrying around 
Grandmas cats like it was no big deal!
The cats weren't even phased!

We went to the Sioux Center mall to go 
on a train ride with Weston.

Even teddy got a ride!

We went to "The Star" with Grandma, Weston, and
Aunt Jessica - cute movie! And no one even had to leave
to go potty or because they were bored!

Ash watched the kids while Mom and me shopped!
The girls had a great time - thank you!